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Ride The North Cumberland Wildlife Management Area from Trails End Campground

In the Cumberland Mountains of East Tennessee lies over 150,000 acres of wilderness waiting to be explored by outdoor enthusiast. There are 600 miles of multi-use trails ready to be conquered by the off-roaming enthusiast.

The NCWMA is made up of 3 connected trail systems: The New River Unit, The Royal Blue Unit, and The Sundquist Unit. The areas are all linked together, and one permit per rider allows you to ride it all.

New River Unit
On the NCWMA southwest boundary lies the New River Unit which is a short enjoyable ride leaving the trails end campground and traveling 5 or so minutes on the county road to the trail head.  Riding on the county roads of Scott County is both permissible by local and legal authorities.

Royal Blue Unit / Sundquist Unit
Once on the New River Unit you can travel north east to connect to the Royal Blue unit and can continue north east connecting to the Sundquist Unit which lies on the northern boundary of the NCWMA. You can literally leave Trails End Campground, hit the New River Unit and ride your ATV/OHV through all three units, however it's a good idea to plan out your ride and make sure you pack plenty of food, water and fuel. The area is open twenty-four hours a day and backwoods camping is allowed on the entire area. License and riding permits may be purchased at the Trails End Camp Store.

About the NCWMA
The North Cumberland Wildlife Management Area spans four counties: Scott, Anderson, Campbell and Morgan and is Maintained by the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency. In addition, North Cumberland WMA is home to the only elk herd in the East. You will also encounter whitetail deer, wild turkey and beaver. The waters of the Royal Blue offer bass and bluegill fishing. It is also a major breeding ground for the Cerulean Warbler, a songbird that is a candidate for listing on the federal endangered species list.

Below are helpful resource links to various maps of our area.  For specific trail maps please inquire at the Trails End Camp Store!

Trails End Campground is a TWRA authorized license agent.



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